About Transparency

About Transparency

What is Transparency©?

Transparency™ is a free tool designed to transform learning. We are not a school but a platform developed to help students from Kindergarten all the way to College students achieve academic excellence. If you are a teacher or University professor, Transparency™ is designed to reduce frustration associated with teaching a child who is a little reluctant or about to run away from learning due to difficulties in comprehension.

Transparency™ provides an open door to a child struggling with whatever subject - math, science or any subject. Transparency™ is a new ally designed to reduce whatever stigma associated with slow learning.

Teachers from any school enrolled in the Transparency™ program would be able to post homework along with any specific instructions. Students would immediately have access to the homework posted by their teachers. Parents of students in the enrolled school would receive notifications and access to the same homework their children have access to. Any child who is in need of help would be able to find pre-screened and approved mentor(s) willing and ready to assist the child every step of the way.

Transparency™ makes it possible for parents and teachers to meet via video chat or video conferencing to review a child's progress, when necessary. Poor academic performance at school should not go undetected longer than the first time it occurs. Our goal is to attack whatever the problems are and to help each child as well as parents in their quest to making better academic performance a right and not a luxury.

PrimeHangout makes it easier for all the parties concerned to know enough about each other to feel comfortable. Parents would be able to monitor interactions between their children and mentors from virtually anywhere there is Internet access to ensure that whatever communication exists is socially acceptable and age appropriate.

If you are a school principal, register your school to allow your students to start to experience the beauty of Transparency™

Registration Must be Initiated by The Office of The Principal 

At the PrimeHangout.com home page, enter the following required information:

  1. Individual doing the registration, enter your First Name as well as your Last Name
  2. Provide your active Email address and do not forget to repeat your email
  3. User ID is required. This is your key to enter PrimeHangout
  4. Enter your password. It is advisable that you come up with a strong password. A strong password should have combinations of alphabets (one of the characters could be in upper case) and numbers (if possible)
  5. Repeat your Password

Under “I would like to register”

  1. Check Business or Educational Institution
  2. Click Register

Provide School, College or University Information

  1. Click the arrow next to the field directly across from Type of Business and select Educational Institution. You must select Educational Institution
  2. Check your type of school and the system should take you to the next screen. Otherwise,
  3. Click Register
  4. Enter the Official Name of Your School
  5. Enter the exact Address, city, state, zipcode, school district, school principal, email address, school phone number and fax number
  6. Enter the first Teacher’s information as required
  7. Click Add More to enter another Teacher’s information – First Name, Last Name, Qualification, Grade or Class, select current status and enter the Teacher’s email address
  8. Continue to click Add More until you add all the remaining Teachers one-by-one
  9. To add school photo(s)
    1. Click Browse next to Photo line to upload your first photo
    2. Click Add More browse and upload your next photo
    3. Click Add More over and again to browse and upload all your photos one-by-one
  10. To upload Video(s)
    1. If you have a particular school video you would like to upload, answer Yes to the question: Do you have any video(s) to upload right now? Your video size must be less than or equal to 200 MB to upload.
    2. If you do not have any video to upload, click No and the system would take you to another question: Do you have existing video(s) already available on YouTube or elsewhere on the Internet? If you answer Yes, the system would then take you to another page where you can copy the URL to your video and paste it to PrimeHangout.
    3. Check the box next to Enroll My School In the Transparency Program
    4. Agree to Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy
    5. Click Register

PrimeHangout does not allow Teachers and Students to automatically become friends. If anything, friendship is strongly discouraged. It is true that students would have access to any homework posted by their teachers, however, that does not necessarily translate into friendship on PrimeHangout. Teachers would not have access to students’ page and students would not have access to Teachers’ page unless they explicitly allow each other.