PrimeHangout Mall

PrimeHangout Mall

The time to use social networks to your advantage is now. PrimeHangout promised to build the first real virtual shopping center where individuals as well as existing retail outlets could open a store and sell to millions of people via social media. That promise is now a reality.

This is it! A real virtual shopping center known as PrimeHangout Mall (like the neighborhood shopping center you are accustomed to)! There is simply nothing like it - a real shopping center where you can open a real store, sell real products and make real money daily.

This is a platform for anyone to test that important business idea – create those special T-shirts, or cookies, or women handbags, or those special items you intend to import and sell, or signature colognes, or anything you intend to sell and open your store on PrimeHangout for as little as $25.00 per month to start selling to millions of users.

How to Open a Store

  1. Login to your account on PrimeHangout
  2. If you originally registered as a Business User, at your News Wall, click PrimeHangout Mall
  3. For Individual Users, click Business from your News Wall and then click PrimeHangout Mall
  4. When you get to the PrimeHangout Mall pages, click Open a Store


    Be sure to have your individual product information, product image and pricing ready. If you do not have any of these and you need to log off, don’t worry! The system is designed to bring you back to where you left off.

    If you need help, do not hesitate to let us know. It is better to do it right!
  5. Follow the prompt to complete all the required information
  6. Click Register
  7. On the new page,
    1. Enter your Store Name (this could be the same as the business name you entered earlier)
    2. Select Affiliation
    3. Enter or copy and paste your payment gateway URL to the Payment Link
    4. Select the Type Of Retail Store
    5. Select the type of legal entity (Legal Standing)
    6. Click each tab to provide required information about your retail business
  8. If you have product video or demo video, now is the time to upload it
  9. Click Next
  10. The screen that follows allow you to Select Theme for your store
  11. Select whether to Show Header or not
  12. Preview your selection (if you have to)
  13. Click Next
  14. It is now time to describe your product and provide all necessary and required information. Show product price and upload image. Once done,
  15. Click Next
  16. Read information on the popup screen and fax all the requirements to the fax number displayed.
  17. Agree to PrimeHangout Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy and Retail Business Policy.
  18. Read the letter displayed for your convenience
  19. Click Next
  20. Provide your credit card information
  21. Click Make Payment to go to Paypal, the payment gateway for PrimeHangout

To inform friends and business contacts about your retail store

  1. Click Invite Friends on your wall
  2. Click your email provider eg: Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Fastmail, etc. from the list of choices that shows up.
  3. Enter your email Login ID followed by your email Password
  4. Click Grab Contacts
  5. To invite business contact or friends not available or accessible via your current email account, click Special Invitation at the right hand corner of the email provider list
  6. Enter First Name, Last Name plus Email address
  7. Click More to add more friends to invite
  8. Once you are done, click Send

To Add Friends

  1. Enter a possible name in the PrimeHangout search engine.
  2. If you see anyone you know or would like to add as friends, click Add as Friends
  3. Once you add your first friend, it is highly likely that the system will then generate People You May Know at the top right hand corner of your News Wall
  4. Click on any of the photo(s) of the possible People You May Know and Add as Friends

Chat or blog about your business

  1. Post meaningful and helpful comments about your business. In other word, help people understand what your business is all about.
  2. Click Comment to post comment or product information
  3. Type your comment and click Save to post your comment