Promote Your Business

Promote Your Business

Fixed Cost – Ad Campaign

No surprises! You know exactly what you are going to spend to promote your business – text only ad or text plus video ads. This is it. The most inexpensive way to promote your business and you are in charge
  • From the News Wall, click Advertise Here
  • Check to be sure that personal information transferred are correct
  • Check Sex – male or female
  • Enter your Primary Business
  • Select your Continent
  • Select your Country
  • Enter your Company’s Name exactly as it appears on all your legal documents
  • Select your ad Category along with cost per month
  • Do not forget to agree to Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy
  • Click Register
  • On the screen that follows, enter your ad Caption – ad title
    • Select your Ad Type
    • To select your ad image, click Browse
    • Tell us where you would like your ad to run
      • Select All would run your ad in every country of the world
      • Select Visitors from selected countries would let you select a specific country
    • Type your website into the Website field
    • Enter your Ad Message
    • Click Add
  • The rest are pretty straight forward and self explanatory

Develop a large friends list

  • Inviting friends you already have through your personal email contacts. To do that, click Invite Friends
  • Click your email provider eg: Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Fastmail, etc. from the list of choices that shows up.
  • Enter your email Login ID followed by your email Password
  • Click Grab Contacts
  • To invite friends not available in you current email account, click Special Invitation at the right hand corner of the email provider list
  • Enter First Name, Last Name plus Email address
  • Click More to add more friends to invite
  • Once you are done, click Send

To Add Friends

  • Enter a possible name in the PrimeHangout search engine.
  • If you see anyone you know and would like to add as friends, click Add as Friends. Do not add people arbitrarily be sure you have their consent.
  • Once you add your first friend, it is highly likely that the system will then generate People You May Know at the top right hand corner of your News Wall
  • Click on any of the photo(s) of the possible People You May Know and Add as Friends

There is no limit to the number of friends you are allowed to have on PrimeHangout.

Talk or Opinion about your business

  • Post meaningful and helpful comments about your business. In other word, help people understand what your business is all about.
  • Click Comment to post comment or short product information
  • Type your comment and click Save to post your comment

Treat visitors to your page with respect and let them know you appreciate them

Link your official website to your hangout on PrimeHangout

Go to your business News Wall on PrimeHangout, click Generate Code from the links shown on the left.
Once the code is generated, Copy and Paste the entire code to your official website. This should help your customers and other visitors find you on PrimeHangout.