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You can now create, publish in any format (Adobe, eBook, etc) and eventually sell picture book of any kind on PrimeHangout market place. If you can create and publish it, you can market it. PrimeHangout is the new social media built for you to grow, thrive and be successful. You do not have to waste valuable time anymore on social media – nothing could be more draining and exhausting. Use your connection to enhance your life. The platform is built. Let your creative talent or power take you to where you want to go

Steps to create picture book:

  1. Click on Create MyPicBook
  2. Provide all the basic information required and select your Book Type
  3. Enter the Title of your book
  4. Enter your preferred Introduction
  5. Upload photos as required (be sure to have all the required photos ready to upload)
  6. Select template of interest to you
  7. Upload photos as per each prompt
  8. Go back to select another template and populate with photos and illustrations (depending on the template).
  9. Continue until you have all your photos uploaded, and once you are done,
  10. Click Submit
  11. Feel free to create as many different books as possible

Steps to view picture book:

  1. Go to your wall. (if you have not created any picture book but your friends have),
  2. Go to your friend’s wall
  3. Click on View MyPicBook
  4. On the Book To Display page, select Display Type followed by Book Type
  5. Click The Preview Photo and follow the prompts
  6. If you are viewing the picture book you created, the system should allow you to edit the book
  7. Click Edit Picture Book to begin the process of making important changes to your book

Steps to publish and sell your picture book:

Coming soon